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Flight + 3 nights in hotel in New York for just £379

How do you fancy 3 days in New York? What about 3 days in New York, with flights and a hotel included, interested?

Virgin are offering Economy flights (with a checked bag) plus hotel for 2 people in New York for just £379 per person which is quite frankly unbelieveable as you'd expect to pay that for the flights and more, never mind with a hotel thrown in as well.

The best dates seem to be in January and February but no doubt you can find dates later in the year, and Virgin have made it dead easy to find the cheapest dates as their site automatically brings up the cheapest dates for you, how easy is that.  

Just think if your one of these people that get's really down after Christmas and can't wait for summer, then a break to New York could be just what you need.

Link to book is below here