What does travel mean to you, what to do, where to go?

Travel - what does it mean to you?

The definition of travel may well be black and white but travel means different things to different people. For some, it means simply getting to the sun to sit in an all inclusive resort and not moving an inch whilst for others it means immersing themselves in another culture.

Those are two polar opposites of what travel is. If you work hard and all you want to do is sit in the sun then that is your choice. Like wise, if you want to live like a local then why not? There can however be a snobbery among travellers in that they don’t like to be classed as a tourist. But, the truth is, most folk fall between these two polar opposites .

I guess Ivan and I do too. We love to travel to explore the world, experience new countries and far away cities as well as taking in sights and yes……. the beaches and pools too. That is why we started Globe Guys. We are very much aimed at the average Joe rather than the intrepid explorers. 

Ivan and I love to tick off new countries, explore exciting cities and to do it in relative luxury. Turning left on the plane is always a pleasure and is the way to travel and staying in fantastic hotels makes travelling for us, fun, relaxing and special. We have a modest lifestyle but travel is a hobby as well as an escape. Much of our disposable income goes on travel as a consequence and we are gradually working through the places we would like to visit, 

Planning the trips is all part of the fun. Again, this isn’t necessarily everyones idea of fun. Some would much rather a travel agent or tour operator put a trip together for them. For us, we research every aspect. We hope that our videos and reviews help with your research and inspire you to travel. 

But what about if you travel for business? Some people are lucky enough to visit different places with their work and whilst business travellers often get jaded and find the whole experience mundane, visiting somewhere new must surely spike their interest. Either way, it proves that we don’t just travel for leisure. 
By definition, Travel is an action pure and simple but what it leads to is a world of possibilities…… quite literally! 

So thats what travel means to us. What does it mean to you?