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    28/10/2018 - Globeguys 0 Comments
    Are Hotel Loyalty Schemes Worth It?

    The way this typically works, when you arrive at a hotel in the early hours of the morning after an overnight flight, is you pitch up at the hotel, wait in line at reception to check in, only to be told "I'm sorry but check in time is 3pm and your room isn't available yet".  You are then faced withe choice of either finding a comfortable chair or settee in the hotel lobby to crash on for a few hours, or go off exploring to pass the time and hope that tiredness doesn't overwhelm you.  This was not however our experience (on this occasion I may add, we have previously lived out that scenario I've just painted above).  

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  • lisbon things to do, lisbon city tour
    13/10/2018 - Globeguys 0 Comments
    What to do with a few hours in Lisbon

    Can you get a feel for a city in just three hours? I (Ryan) recently visited the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, with work and found myself with a few hours to kill. Rather than lounge around in the hotel, that can sometimes feel like the easiest option, donned my walking shoes and went out to explore. Lisbon is one of those Cities that we have all heard of and many would like to visit one day but many would question….. what is there to see there?

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  • few hours in berlin
    13/10/2018 - globeguys 0 Comments
    How to spend a few hours in Berlin

    I don’t pretend to be particularly interested in the history of all the places we travel to but I do love the history of Berlin. Perhaps thats because I (Ryan) just about remember the Berlin wall falling in 1989. I remember the news reports showing the thousands of East Berliners crossing into the West, for them, a whole new world.

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  • things to do in Chicago
    07/10/2018 - Globeguys 0 Comments
    48 hours in Chicago

    The windy city! It wasn’t that windy but it was bloody cold. Chicago is often seen as the epitome of a true American City and has a totally different vibe to its big brother, New York, which is more of a world city than anything else.  

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  • Passport stamps - do you value them?
    21/07/2018 - Ryan 0 Comments
    Passport Stamps - Simply your pass to explore or your badge of honour?

    February 2014, Perth Australia and the end of a long journey from Manchester, UK via London & Kuala Lumpur. Not the first time that we’d been to Oz but I’m still in awe at going to the other side of the world, going down under. For me, I love to have that official record of being somewhere, I love my passport stamp.

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  • What does travel mean to you, what to do, where to go?
    21/07/2018 - Ryan 0 Comments
    Travel - what does it mean to you?

    The definition of travel may well be black and white but travel means different things to different people. For some, it means simply getting to the sun to sit in an all inclusive resort and not moving an inch whilst for others it means immersing themselves in another culture.

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  • Why you'll fall in love with Sydney
    09/07/2018 - Ivan 0 Comments
    Things to do in Sydney

    We've been to Sydney twice together as Globeguys, but I also lived out there for a year back in my twenties whilst I did the whole backpacking around the world thing. Sydney is without a doubt one of our favourite cities, and that feeling of excitement we get when we are headed there is quite unlike anywhere else really.

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