I first met Ivan last year and I cannot say how supportive and helpful he has been in me starting my own digital business. He is patient and knowledgeable. Ivan is a charismatic character and his passion and upbeat, 'can do' attitude is infectious. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Globe guys!

Cleo Rodd

Highly recommended these two guys who are down to earth and easy to talk to, Ivan, Great mentor 👍, keep the good work xx

Joyce Kyalo

Ivan is an absolute legend. Such an inspiration to all in come into contact with him. He go's above and beyond to help absolutely everyone. Ivan is a great leader and has the most amazing attitude. Anything he puts his mind to he succeeds at. I can not recommend him highly enough and am grateful, blessed to know him. Both Ivan and Ryan are an inspiration to all. I have yet to personally meet Ryan but very much look forwards to soon. Thankyou for all that you do. It's an absolute honour and pleasure to work alongside you and can't wait to celebrate your continued success for all the years to come. Big love and respect x

Irene Remelie

Great guy with a passion for building an online business and helping others to do the same. It's a pleasure to know you. I love the travel reviews, always interesting, thank you

Gabrielle Mottershead

Ivan and Ryan have been a pleasure to work with. They demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting others and continue to find innovative solutions that meet the current market. Their business marketing strategies and skills have helped us grow our business, discover new opportunities, and we look forward to see where the next year will take us. Thank you Ivan & Ryan!

Kris William

The globe guys are by far one of the many business partners I know to be so passionate about this business and go miles to help others achieve. I therefore highly recommend them to guide through launching your own digital business.

Lydia Kovacs

I’ve followed Ivan and Ryan for years and when they started their digital business I was so pleased for them, and it has been amazing to see how well they’ve done with it and I’ve loved the fact they can run it from anywhere in the world, which for these guys is literally the truth. They spend a lot of time coaching and mentoring their team too which is really good to see and I know the team appreciate it Thanks mate 😊

David Hird

In this day and age when everything seems to be digital, we suddenly have this urge to venture onto the unknown..it truly is beyond words how The Globeguys have shown me the way and given their untiring support for me to be able to set up my very own digital business! Highly recommended coaches here folks!

Lilibeth Francisco