Discover the Joy of Cruising

Cruising is a passion of ours; there is simply no holiday quite like it. Even so, there are still many misconceptions surrounding this type of vacation. These include:

  • Guests Are Either Newlywed or Nearly Dead
  • I Have to Wear a Tuxedo Every Evening
  • The Ships Are Too Crowded

Let us change your perceptions!

We've cruised on several different cruise lines over the past 10 years including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess, MSC and Carnival and have found the best cruise deals can be found on either Cruise Nation or

Cruise Nation offers cruises all around the world to beautiful destinations such as Alaska and Canada, the Mediterranean, UAE and Australia, to name just a few! is one of the UK’s leading online cruise agents and their site features unbeatable deals, unbiased, expert advice, and great customer care from over 100 specialist cruise consultants.

We cruised from Buenos Airies up to Rio for the world famous 'Rio Carnival'. The cruise stopped in Montevideo before heading up to Rio where we spent 3 full days enjoying this vibrant city.

After spending 3 days in Rio for Carnival we continued our cruise down the coast of South America to Buzios, Santos and back to Buenos Airies.

Launched in 2000 this is not a new ship compared to some others, but was revamped in 2012. It has beautiful interior spaces with several restaurants and bars as well as a theatre to keep you entertained.